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An audit is the main way for your organisation to demonstrate that it follows best or safe working practices. This is the first step for you and your organisation to ensure the safety of your employees and others and compliance with relevant legislation and specially the Spanish Royal Decree 486/2010 on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to artificial optical radiation (laser and light emitting systems). Your organisation may not have the expertise in house to do this efficiently or may wish to use an external expert.

  • Our audits are split into two parts including:
    • Visit to your organisation by one of our experts (talk to staff and viewing of facilities, laser and light emitting systems and safety products)
    • Prepare audit reports and recommendations (depending on the findings)
  • Our audits generally cover:
    • Management of safety within your organisation
    • Laser and light systems risk assessment
    • Methods of prevention and protection in place within your organisation to reduce or eliminate those risks
      • Procedures
      • Appropriate safety products
      • Safety eyewear
    • Staff training

Our audits can be applied to any organisations using laser and light emitting systems and guarantee the use of an impartial expert. They are prepared according to relevant standards and reports from technical commissions and standardisation organisations.

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